Our mission at Pueblo Christian Academy is to empower every student with the tools they will need for their individual success. At PCA, we encourage our students to achieve more. The teachers and staff provide the highest quality of education to ignite everyone’s growth. PCA provides a useful curriculum that is purpose-driven and ultimately sparks’ students’ imagination to accelerate and unlock their potential.

Each of our educators believes in the beauty of the individual and promotes an atmosphere of self-respect, and respect for one’s peers, others, and property. We ourselves see education as an opportunity to continually grow and listen to our students’ voices to encourage a sense of pride in themselves.

We believe that God is the creator of all things. We believe that Jesus is the Son of God. We believe the Holy Spirit inspires and guides us through, but is not limited to, His Holy Word, the Bible. We believe God created man in His own image to fulfill His purpose, which is to glorify Him (Genesis 1:27). We believe through Adam, sin came into the world, but that God is actively working in this world to set all things right and will one day finish His Work.

We consider the opportunity to teach students to be a sacred trust that we accept with fervor and joy.