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Why Pueblo Christian Academy?

Your child is growing up fast and ready for a little more independence. Our approach to learning and teaching is through child-centered play and education. Your child will love to learn with a wide range of activities, including arts and crafts, imaginative play, and physical activities! We are fully equipped to take your student from preschool through high school! Pueblo Christian Academy sees itself as a partner in your child’s education. We believe each child is unique and that the role of our educators is to guide each of their students through the many challenges they encounter in all aspects of learning educationally, physically, and socially. To encourage each as an individual learner by providing a safe and caring environment with innovative lesson plans that promote curiosity and stimulate a passion for learning.

Pueblo Christian Academy uses the robust Christian Bible Program DeepRoots:

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Your children’s education and welfare are our main priorities


PCA has two preschool classes and a transitional kindergarten room. Here at PCA, we have our students learn through educational play. While attending our preschool and pre-k, our teachers will introduce play-based subjects such as geography, science, and reading, allowing the students to grow academically and socially. The transitional kindergarten class is available for students that are almost ready for kindergarten. This is a great class that builds skills that are needed in Kindergarten.

K-1st Grade

In our K-1 class, we have hands-on science experiments! Using an accredited curriculum from Alpha Omega. “This is faith-based and welcoming to all faith backgrounds. Horizon’s Workbooks uses the spiral learning process of introduction, review, and reinforcement.” The variety in how we teach keeps the students engaged and learning!

2-3rd Grade

Continuing with Horizons and Life Pac booklets, two robust learning curriculum in combination with our hands-on learning, Deep Roots Bible curriculum, and additional enrichments on Fridays ensures that our students are engaged and challenged.

4-6th Grade

The Alpha Omega accredited curriculum, plus the variety of subjects with hands-on learning and other combinations of classroom techniques keeps our students competitive with peers and inspired to learn.

Middle- High School

Middle through High school classes is offered with our award-winning online Christian curriculum. At PCA, we enhance the online curriculum with an in-classroom teacher who helps facilitate student learning. Online electives and enrichments offered at school help create a well-rounded, academically challenging education.

High School Christian

PCA’s passing rate, along with the percentage of children and parents that love the PCA experience, is why Pueblo Christian Academy is a great place to learn!


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